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Anchored Insight exists to empower businesses and nonprofits in the Boise, ID area and around the globe by building state-of-the art solutions. We promise to listen intently to learn about your current setup and requirements, develop a CRM strategy fully tailored to your needs, and implement a solution that makes your vision come to life.

The name "Anchored Insight" comes from our goal to be anchored in knowledge and experience while maintaining constant insight into where our industry is headed, thus developing strong, lasting strategies for our clients. We recognize that our clients trust us as experts in our field, and we're committed to maintaining the highest level of trust and transparency in each project we take on.

Why Choose Anchored Insight?

"Good" doesn't cut it.  We'll work closely with you to make sure your expectations are not only being met, but exceeded in every single project we oversee. If something isn't quite right, we'll make it right - guaranteed.

Data security is a priority. In this day and age, data security is top-of-mind for many organizations, and for good reason. But you’d be surprised at how many consulting companies have zero data security standards! At Anchored Insight, knowing that we’ll have access to the data in your Salesforce environment, our team follows a very strict data security policy which decreases your risk for a data breach.

We're on a mission.  Each contract you sign with us is a direct investment in non-profits that are shaping communities for the better, both in the USA and overseas (see the "Culture and Community" section for more information).

We're cost-effective.  Our bottom line is truly found in the happiness and long-term success of our clients - not our income statement. We strive to keep our prices below industry standard while remaining laser-focused on quality, which means you’ll receive superior solutions that don't break the bank! Now that's something your accountants can get behind!


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We specialize in implementing and customizing Salesforce, the world's most popular and trusted CRM. Our certified consultants will listen closely to your requirements and architect a solution using industry-wide best practices.

Whether we're optimizing your sales process, service process, marketing automation, online portal, or anything in between, our end goal is always to create the best possible experience for your employees, customers, and partners.

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What if your daily operations could be a breeze, not a burden? What if it didn't cost an arm and a leg to use the most advanced CRM out there? You may be surprised at the discounts available to you, both from Salesforce and from us. 

Salesforce offers a Nonprofit Package, which we'll customize to fit the unique requirements of your organization at a discounted rate.  We'll help you manage your programs, donations, fundraisers, mass communications, and analytics - just to name a few of the many features available to you.

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Have an app or software that you'd like to connect to Salesforce, but don't know where to start? Maybe you'd like to connect your website to bring transactional data into Salesforce. Or perhaps you'd like to update your reports and dashboards with real-time data from your ERP software. The possibilities are endless.

Each integration project is different and calls for unique toolsets. We'll recommend the best course of action based on your requirements.




We stand by a culture of honor, equality, collaboration, and integrity. At the end of the day, we want our employees and clients to achieve a high quality of life. For our clients, this means delivering solutions that will lower costs and drive high productivity and efficiency across their organizations so they can spend more time with friends and family. For employees, this means promoting a healthy work-life balance, allowing plenty of time off, and honoring them with highly competitive wages in return for their hard work and dedication.


We Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a philanthropic organization that encourages businesses to pledge 1% of time, equity, and product to nonprofits. For us, generosity doesn't stop at 1%. Our goal is to live generously day in and day out in order to make a difference in our communities, economies, and future generations.


We pledge 1% of our Profits

We make yearly donations to nonprofits who are making the world a better place, and it couldn’t put a bigger smile on our faces.

We pledge 1% of our Time

We hire people who are passionate about their community and want to see it thrive. We all volunteer locally and always encourage other members of the community to join us on our projects. If you’re in the Treasure Valley, ID area and know of a new way we can volunteer, get in touch with us!

We pledge 1% of our Product

We know finances can be a hurdle for nonprofits looking to improve their technology. We help lighten the load by offering them discounted consulting services.


Michelle was born and raised in Baja California, Mexico, and currently resides in the beautiful city of Boise, ID. When she’s not solving the world’s CRM problems, chances are she’s kayaking at a nearby lake, going on a road trip with friends, or visiting her family in Mexico. Michelle knew she’d be an entrepreneur at a young age and she’s always had a knack for creating solutions to problems, which is one of the reasons she fell in love with Salesforce consulting. Through implementing Salesforce solutions, she's had the opportunity of learning the ins and outs of countless industries, coming alongside nonprofits in their adoption of cloud technology, and gaining many lasting relationships along the way - all things she looks forward to continuing for years to come.


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