The Carr fire has consumed over 1,050 homes, killed 7 people, and has burnt over 160,000 acres so far. And it's still blazing. We are inviting you to meet the specific needs of affected families. Each and every donation will make a difference to NorCal's families in need. See below for more information.

We at Anchored Insight are committing 10% of our year-to-date revenue, including the month of August, to fire victims. We are also actively volunteering throughout the city. This is our small contribution to the efforts that our entire town is making to rebuild the city and spread love to our families in need.


Click here to view the list of needs we have collected so far and help provide for a family in a practical, tangible way. You can also view our "Intro, Instructions, and FAQ's" note on Facebook for more information.

if you were affected:

We are managing a Facebook page to track all of your needs in one place - from Gofundme's to Amazon wishlists, store registries, and a list of practical needs like transportation or pet-sitting. Please click here to visit our Facebook page and submit your list of needs to be displayed on Facebook and our website.


We LOVE our community and we want to do our part in helping rebuild, meeting real needs, listening to stories, and helping in any other way we can. We're stronger than the Carr fire and we're stronger together.